Online Survey Management Tool

Cloud based Fully Automated Survey Management Software that helps you manage your surveys efficiently.

What To Expect

Core Features

4 Step Survey management

Our easy-to-use flow that helps you start a project without forgetting anything. Even a user who is new to the industry can follow the flow and get a project started.

In-depth User and Project reporting

Gain a holistic view of project performance from source to supplier with real-time dashboards & reports. Measure the success of your projects.

Robust Cloud-based Hosting

We offer a robust cloud-based hosting for the software that will scale automatically with your ever increasing business needs.

Accounting and Reconciliation

Gain a holistic view of recruiting performance from source to hire with real-time dashboards & reports. Measure the success of your recruiting efforts.

Custom branding

OSM Tool gives freedom to customize the branding such as color palette, logo, etc. to align the user experience with your vision.

White label Customer Support

We also provide white label customer support to take care of launching your projects with your clients, so you don't have to worry about hiring a technical team.

See how OSM Tool Works

Get Insights through Visual Trends

The dashboard is an information management tool that visually tracks, analyzes and displays key performance indicators (KPI), metrics and key data points to monitor the surveys .

  • Real Time Respondent Tracking
  • Overall Project Statistics
  • Project Completion Statistics

4 Step Project Management

Our easy-to-use 4 Step Project Launch flow helps you start a project without forgetting anything.

  • 1. Project Details
  • 2. Project End links
  • 3. Client On-boarding
  • 4. Vendor On-boarding

Accounting & Reconciliation

The new reconciliation feature saves us a lot of time! No more sifting through excel sheets to figure out the repondent completion statistics. The system lets you track your revenue as well your expenses project wise and helps you generate client wise statements.